Outstanding Achievement Award 2017

Welcome back! On our last post we covered how our experience in the field would direct us in the construction of InAGlobe. Our  aim is to spread innovation towards the most  underdeveloped regions by connecting experts on the field in developing countries with European universities. For the past year we have worked hard to set the ground work as a non-profit, and today after nearly a year of this journey we still strive to make this goal happen, building bridges intercontinentally and across disciplines. We want to update you on two important events that happened over the last year. 

The 18th of October more than 2,300 students graduated from Imperial College. Alberto and Xavi were amongst those students that over the past three or four years spent countless hours studying, working and learning. Alberto graduated with an MSci in Physics with Theoretical Physics and Xavi with an MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 


The 18th of October was also one of the biggest and most rewarding days for InAGlobe as Jaime picked up the award for Student Award for Outstanding Achievement 2017. This is an award that was established in 2003 by Imperial College London to recognise outstanding students for their achievements in any extramural activities. We were given this award for having and materialising on the vision of granting students from Imperial and other universities the opportunity to innovate and design solutions to humanitarian problems. InAGlobe is honoured and humbled to receive this award, and it will only motivate us to continue building on this dream. A dream driven by the impact that educating the next generation on the challenges and responsibilities can have in bringing a better well-being to those that are not as fortunate as most of us. 

We extend our gratitude to all the parties that have been involved in the process: professors, students, NGO workers, mentors and the volunteers that have helped us on each step of the way. 

With a year of important changes coming along, there is a need to restructure InAGlobe. As Jaime graduates from Imperial College, he will take on the running and building of InAGlobe as a full-time endeavour. Alberto will be furthering his education and Xavi will continue to build himself as a professional with strategy consulting; both continuing to build InAGlobe in a part-time fashion. 

We know that the blog posts have recently been lacking, but there has been a lot of work behind the scenes and soon enough we will update on the progress that we have achieved over the past year!

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